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Glabra Anti Pigmentation Kit : A wonderful treatment for skin problems such as pigmentation, colour improvement, freckles and skin discolouration , this treatment is based on licorice, and aromatic compounds.Should be used once a week for 3 months.The Glabra kit contains Glabra Cream, Glabra Skin lightening oil,Glabra powder and glabra pack.
Gold Glow Facial for Complexion , Shine and lustre : This treatment is used to achieve instant glow ,shine and lustre on face and hands .The kit contains Gold cream.Gold Gel,Gold pack.Highly effective and recommended for all skin types
Platinum -pearl Facial for instant tan removal : A very popular treatment used by celebrities ,it polishes skin and removes tan instantly .Rejuvenates dull, tired sluggish skin and brings instant glow to face .It brings excellent skin whitening quality to the skin. The platinum kit contains platinum cream, platinum treatment powder,platinum lotion and platinum pack.
Hygroplex Treatment for Chronic Hair Loss and Dandruff : A highly effective treatment for acute and chronic hair loss and alopecia.Should be used thrice a week for 3 months .This treatment kit contains kit contains Hair Extract HG7, Naturokeratin Oil, Protein Hair Pack ,Radiance Shampoo.
AHA Fruit Kit: For neck discolouration and removal of pigmentation on neck skin area.The kit contains AHA clear gel,AHA enzyme powder and AHA fruit pack.
Seda Plant Anti Wrinkle Kit: This is used for mature skin for reduction of fine lines and epidermal wrinkles.The kit contains Alpha Gel, Beta Gel and sedaplant Firming Masque.
Aromatic Skin Healing Kit: This is highly useful for de-stressing sluggish skin tone which fails to respond to any treatment care. The kit contains Aromatic Cream. Claryfying Gel and refining pack.
Dandramide : Anti-Dandruff Kit: Used for treating scalp itch, Dandruff P Ovale spores.The kit contains Dandramide Tonic,Dandramide Gel and Shampoo.
Exflo body polishing Kit: This is used for removing superficial dead cells and stimulating dermal cells for a fresher, livelier ,fairer body skin tone.The kit contains Exflo Lightening Oil, Exflo Whitening Gel and Exflo Whitening Lotion.
Tender Skin Clean-up kit: A clean-up kit for young skin where facials are not recommended, the kit effectively cleans out dead cells, grimes, comedones and spots which a young skin is normally predisposed to.Regular use of Tender Skin Clean-up kit ensures a problem free skin in adult hood.The kit contains Tender Skin Honey Oat Scrub,Tender Skin Lavender Cream, Tender Skin Fruit Wash and Tender Skin Fruit Pack
Mango Kit: The Mango is wonderful fruit rich vitamins and aroma, bestowed with vitamins A and C, both ideal for imparting a lovely sheen on skin bringing to it fairness and freshness which is very lasting.Contains Mango Cream,Gel and Pack, to be used twice a month.
Collagen Elastin Skin tightening Kit: This firms and tones skin and prevents appearance of premature fine lines and wrinkles. Contains Collagen Lotion ,cream and thermopack.
Ultra Soft Manicure Pedicure Kit: This special kit helps to smoothen hands and feet by removing deep down dead cells and gives clarity to hands and feet .The kit contains Soft Cream , Silica granules .Ultra Soft Moisturiser, Skin clarity hand and foot pack.
Oxy kit: This is an anti pollution and skin purification facial.Contains Oxy bleach ,Oxy pack and Oxy soap.
Silver Shine Facial: This is for shine and brilliance to all types of skin .The kit contains Silver Shine cream ,Silver Shine gel,Silver Shine pack
Eye Derm Kit: This is a unique formulation , very mild and gentle for reducing the capillary darkness under the eyes.The kit contains Eye derm gel, Eye derm Oil, Eye derm pack.
Grape facial: Grapes are a rich source of ascorbic acid, natural AHA's and vitamins C and imparts a natural shine, lustre and clarity to the skin. The kit contains Grape Massage Cream ,Grape Gel, Grape pack.
Glyco peel kit: This is a very effective remedy for erasing active and inactive acne scars, smoothening uneven skin tone and for shrinking enlarged skin pores. The kit contains Glyco peel Gel, Glyco peel lotion and Glyco peel pack.
Songei Mushroom Fairness facial: This is a highly effective instant skin fairness facial which energises skin but also imparts a healthy sheen and satin fainess to sluggish, exhausted skin. Songei Mushroom gives a natural fading effect on skin melanocytes making skin lighter over a period of time.The kit contains Songei Fairness Cream, Fairness gel, Glow pack , Whitening pack, Mushroom Moisturiser.
Cocoa Butter Dry Skin Facial Kit: Cocoa butter is a highly emollient ,Moisturising and nourishing kit for dry and dehydrated skin.The kit contains Cocoa butter Cream , Gel and Pack.
Saffron Fairness and Lustre kit for brides and sensative skin: Saffron is like a skin tonic and works by rejuvenating dead, dull tired skin giving it instant brightness and glow, ideal for brides for long lasting lustre as well as sensitive skin too. The kit contains Saffron cream,Treatment power , Cream Mud Pack.

Wine and Cherry facial kit:
This kit is very rich in natural anti oxidants and vitamin C and hence is suggested for skin lifting and sluggish skin. The kit contains a gel cream and pack.
Avocado facial kit:
This beauty kit is recommended for dry and dehydrated complexion. The kit contains a gel , cream and pack.
Hot stone kit:
This is a very unusual kit meant for toning the skin and with the set of stones available, the kit can be used for relaxing skin and tightening it too. The kit contains a oil, gel and pack.

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