Sl.No GELS Description Contents MRP(INR)
96 Anti-Blemish Mint Gel Blemishes,spot and dry scars 50gms 175.00
97 Tea Tree Antiseptic Gel Active,pustular and erythematic acne (redness in acne) 50gms 175.00
98 Lime Lip And Neck Gel Discoloured skin ,dark and tanned lips elbow+knee ,neck area. 50gms 175.00
99 Fairness Gel Face glow ,shine and whitening clarity. 50gms 175.00
100 Fruit Gel Frequent massage gel for normal skin and all skin types 50gms 175.00
101 Green Apple Gel Normal to tanned and all skin types and ages 50gms 175.00
102 Strawberry Gel Normal to greasy skin for all age groups 50gms 175.00
103 Aloe Vera Gel Normal to dry Skin.Highly Moisturising 50gms 175.00
104 Spirulina Anti Wrinkle Gel 30+ skin prone to fine lines and premature aging .can be appliled under eyes on fine lines 50gms 175.00
105 Hygroplex  Hair Regrowth Gel Daily application on clean scalp and hair to encourage hair regrowth and stop hair fall 50gms 175.00
106 Dandramide Anti Dandruff Gel Chronic ,simple and acute dandruff 50gms 175.00
107 Rose Gel Luxurious body massage 50gms 175.00

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