Hair Care Products
  Rich, pure and transparent, green, Arnica herbal shampoo has the remarkable property of effectively cleaning and conditioning hair, leaving it healthy and well nourished.
NAT SILK (Hair Conditioner)  
  A hair rinse for the ultimate softness in hair. Enriches each strand with vital body building protein, leaving the hair tangle free and satin smooth. Puts a natural glint into tired hair.
  A unique blend that contains natural extracts of rare herbs in a pure coconut oil base. Penetrates hair shafts, strengthens roots and nourishes the scalp. Stimulates hair growth. Puts back the softness and shine that is stripped by chemical treatments and pollution.
PROTEIN HAIR PACK (Hair Volumiser)  
  Enriched with protein and Hair darkening herbs this powder pack highlights hair and conditions it giving bounce, lustre and abundant volume.
  A unique henna pack to add a beautiful hue to hair, leaving it auburn coloured, glossy and satin smooth.
NATBLACK (Vegetable Black Hair Colour)  
  Colours hair beautifully black. Pure, gentle and chemical free. Retouching required after 4 weeks. Absolutely safe and gentle.
NAT BROWN (Vegetable Brown Hair Colour)  
  Colours hair beautifully Dark Brown. Pure, gentle and chemical free. Retouching required after 4 weeks. Absolutely safe and gentle.
  Specially formulated with extracts of amla and shikakai blended with henna leaf.Cleans hair gently to give it a healthy body and sheen. Makes even limp, lifeless hair luxuriously full . Darkens hair on constant use.
  A Pure ,natural concentrate of herbs known to combat dandruff and related symptoms like itching,flakiness and rough hair .Regular bi weekly use controls dandruff completely.
NEELI HAIR PACK (For Premature and greying hair)    
A unique combination of rare ayurvedic herbs like Indigo-Neeli,cedar wood, Thuja patra, Nagarmotha and Kapur Kachari make this pack highly effective in controlling abnormal greying of hair and loss of pigment of hair strands.Regular use of Neeli pack ensures that your hair stays darker for longer

Usage: Take 50 gms of Neeli pack and add 1tsp of fresh curd to it. Mix and make a paste with water .Leave to soak in iron vessel for 1 hour .Apply the pack on entire hair,making sure it touches the hair roots.Leave for 30 minutes and rinse or shampoo if necessary .Use once a week for 6-8 weeks for significant results.
Hair Condition How to recognise What to use
Normal to oily hair Hair appears manageable but becomes oily three days after washing
  1.   Radiance (Amla-Shikakai Shampoo)  
  2.   Protein Hair Pack (twice a week)  
Dry Hair Hair appears dull, brittle and lifeless, Lacks volume.
  1.   Arnica Herbal Shampoo  
  2.   Protein Hair Pack (Weekly)  
  3.   Natsilk Hair Conditioner.  
Dandruff Itchy scalp, Observation of white scurf and hair loss
  1.   Lustrous locks at night  
  2.   Dandramide kit once a week.  
  3.   Dandramide gel at night.  
  4.   Anti Dandruff Hair Pack  
Premature Greying White hair interspersed in the scalp
  1.   Neeli Pack.  
  2.   Herbal Intense colour Henna.  
Hair Loss Scanty hair thinning across the scalp & overall hair loss.
  1.   Hygroplex Kit once a week.  
  2.   Natgrowth.  
  3.   Lustrous Locks.  
  4.   Protein Hair Pack  
  5.   Hygroplex gel daily.  

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