Face Care
Pine Apple Polish Scrub For Facial Skin    
A highly effective very mild facial scrub enriched with cereal, lentils, fine oats, pineapple enzymes and pineapple powder for deeply exfoliating skin and making it a lot more smoother, shinier and softer. Perfectly pH balanced to suit all skin types.
Usage : Make a smooth paste of Pineapple Polish Scrub with water and pat dry. Follow the tip mentioned on the sachet. Use daily at night for normal to oily skin, thrice a week for sensitive to dry skin.

Fine Finish ( Oatmeal scrub )    
A soap-free deep cleansing face scrub. Works gently to remove dead cells, blackheads and unclogs pores. Keeps the skin free of blemishes. Use it as a soap substitute. Recommended for all skin types.
Spirutone ( Spirulina face pack )    
Spirulina, a blue green algae endowed with skin firming properties and enriched with skin beauty enhancing vitamins. Helps reduce the depth and number of facial lines, tightens and tones the skin for a beautiful complexion.

Usage: Make a fine smooth paste with pure water and apply in a thin even layer. Leave it till semi dry and rinse with warm water.

Natclens (Herb Cleanser)    
A special cleanser suitable for all skin types and texture. Made with a scientifically formulated mix of herbal extracts, milk protein, melon, avocado, lavender and rose juice, the cleanser gently helps in removing dust, grime, and pollutants off the skin leaving it clean, fresh, and just rightly moisturised.

Usage: Splash water on face, and then apply a teaspoon of Natclens all over face and neck, with a damp cotton wipe face twice and then immediately rinse off with Glabra wash, for an absolutely,soft radiant and fresh feel. Use daily morning and night.

Sandal Face Pack    
Natures powerful yet gently antiseptic, Sandal performs an excellent job of clarifying, toning and cleansing for a deep down clean complexion. Use thrice a week for maximum effect.
Peach 'n' Pear Face Pack     
Luxurious and fragrant, this special face pack promises a cream and peaches complexion. A treat for dull, tired and gloomy looking skin. Can be used twice a week on all skin types.
Green Apple Face Pack    
This deliciously fruity green apple pack with skin texturising clay helps tighten and purify the skin for a clearer and healthier complexion. Use twice a week.
Clay Mint Clarifying Face Mask    
A highly effective treatment for oily, blemished or a spotty complexion. Not only does it cleanse deeply but actually restores the pH balance to your skin, protecting against break-outs. Use on oily to blemished skin regularly twice a week.
Lemon Face Pack    
Naturally fragrant with tangy lemon and a blend of balanced botanicals, the pack is truly a treatment cleanser which melts away dirt, grime, dead cells, and make-up. Use twice a week for oily skin.
Strawberry Face Pack    
This deep cleansing face pack contains strawberry extract with the natural aroma of the fruit. Helps lift impurities. leaving the skin clean, smooth and fresh.
Fresh Fruit Cocktail Pack    
An effective fresh fruity pack containing a special blend of vitamin C rich fruits to tone, stimulate and revitalise skin circulation and help reduce large pores. Extremely mild and normalises skin balance. For all skin types.
Almond Face Pack    
A nourishing pack of rich vitamins and minerals with the excellent moisturising properties of almonds and honey which brightens up the skin, giving it an irresistible velvet, fresh and relaxed look. For dry skin.
Milk Protein Pack    
This extra creamy face pack provides gentle treatment to even the most sensitive complexions. Contains milk glycerides with natural skin protecting amino acids, which nourish, stimulate and hydrate the complexion for a natural and dewy glow. Use thrice a week for maximum effect. For Dry and Sensitive Skin.

Special Rose Face Pack    
A fragrant and luxurious face pack formulated specially to enhance the natural glow and firmness of the skin. Soothing, cooling and stimulating, the face pack gives a pleasant feel of fresh rose petals on the skin. Can be used thrice a week on all types of skins for a rosy look.
Cucumber Face Pack    
A cooling face pack for all types and seasons. The rich vitamin - mineral content revitalises lifeless skin and adds a touch of sparkle and glow to the face. Use it twice a week
Fairness Glow Face Pack     
A unique skin fairness pack enriched with exotic herbs like saffron, borage, lavender, palma rosa, lemon flower and essential oils. It helps in softening skin. nourishing it, making it clear and very fair. Recommended for three months continuous use.

Orange Face Pack     
A special pack for closing enlarged pores toning & texturising oily complexion giving it vitality and glow. Very gentle in action so there is no dryness at all.
Herbal Face Pack     
A delightful pot pourri of gentle Indian herbs fragrant, healing and protective against skin ailments. Truly a purifying and caring experience for giving skin back its vitality and elasticity.
Cajiput Anti-blackhead Pack     
A highly effectively pack for softening hardened sebum and clogged pores containing blackheads & whiteheads.
Pure Pearls Face Pack (Real Sea Pearls for Sparkling Complexion)  
Nature's Way has incorporated the finest Basra pearl in this unique skin fairness and complexion pack which makes skin glow with luminescence and lustre.. The pearl which deposits on the epidermal layer of the skin gives a whiteness and sheen to the complexion. Use it just once a week for an absolutely radiant skin.
Skin Clarity Arm,Hands and Foot Pack (For instant De-tanning of skin of arms,hands and feet)
Arms hand & feet loose their colour and lustre faster than the facial skin. This unusual and unique combination of herb, flower and root extracts completely de-tans body skin of arms and hand and brings back a homogenous colour to it. With regular daily use, your arms hand and feet become softer, clearer and more fairer. Use everyday during bath for best results.
AROMA ESSENTIAL FACE PACK (for de-stressing tired skin)  
This pure aroma essential oil face pack is one of nature's unique formula containing the best, most luxurious blends of Rosemary, Geranium and Ylang Ylang which helps to smoothen skin tone and completely relaxes a tired facial skin. Due to stress and tension in our life, skin begin to loose its lustre and this Aroma pack brings back lost glory to stressed skin.
ANTI PIGMENTATION PACK ( for Lightening freckles and brown spots )  
This unique pack works well to lighten all types of pigmentation on face. Made with special extracts containing Petitgrain, Lemon, Pine, and Benzoin, the face pack when regularly used completely lightens all spots and discoloured patches. it is completely safe and contains only natural ingredients.
PAPAYA FACE PACK (for extra soft skin tone )    
Papaya pack is enriched with the unique enzyme papain which helps in removal of deep down dead cell layer. This helps to remove rough, coarse skin and smoothen down the skin texture beautifully. A tri weekly use ensures a soft, satin smooth skin all year round.
COCONUT WHITENING PACK ( instant skin brightener )  
Coconut extracts combined with aroma herbs and roots whitens skin and brightens it instantly. The natural acidic properties of this pack stimulates new cell production and helps to slough away dead, worn out cells. This also works as an excellent anti pollution pack by reducing all the damage done by pollutants and sun rays.
Rose Water    
A pure, no chemical, no colour rose water made with pure rose oil. Ideal for using it as a substitute for water in face packs, scrubs and as a skin tonic.

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