Anti Tan and Complexion Improvement Care
Flawless ( Sun block Cream )    
Experience the sensation of a well nourished and supple skin with this scientifically formulated and gentle acting sun block. Regular use helps fade pigmentation, spots and freckles. Its inbuilt moisturising properties help maintain smoothness of skin.
Glabra Skin Lightening Oil    

This is a rich, pure aromatic green herb oil that lightens and bleaches skin mildly by gently peeling the epidermis. The action is mild but results are very significant.

Usage : Apply 5-6 drops evenly on face and neck. Leave overnight.

Fairness Moisturiser    
A rich, non greasy purely aromatic fairness moisturiser which softens, lightens and smoothens skin texture. On regularly using twice daily, the skin becomes clean, soft and fair.
Anti-Tan Fade Pack (Instant Bleach Pack)    

A wonderful anti tan fade pack which brightens skin instantly. Use it without fear as it has no chemicals like ammonia and peroxide. Use thrice a week for better result. Removes tan very effectively.

Usage : Use on face, neck, exposed parts of the body in a thick layer and leave for 20 minutes. Massage for five minutes. Wipe away and rinse

Caress ( Almond & Vitamin E Facial Cream )    
Enriched with skin care oils and the beauty enhancing properties of Vitamin E, this rich nourishing massage cream is ideal for softening and toning the skin texture.

A rich hydrating cream with natural NMF(Natural Moisturising Factor) and fairness factors derived from essential oils. makes the skin visibly fair, smoother and extremely supple.

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